Your experience and our intention begins the moment you book a class. We provide everything you will need for class, including your nooma + Lululemon mat. No extra charge. Your app will automatically check you in when you arrive and we will show you to your mat. Let your cares go, this is your time.

You’ll find intentional classes that provide encouragement and connection. Our studios are safe and peaceful spaces where you’ll experience a personal change in your mind, body, and spirit. Our welcoming community and infrared heat work together to help you build an empowered life.


My journey to nooma began 5 years ago. I began praying that God would open my eyes to who I really was. How did He see me? In the beginning, I prayed this so that I could improve myself and to possibly give myself some answers to some of the things that I struggled with. However, what He began to show me was that I was beautiful in all of my imperfections. I learned that I couldn’t change those imperfections, mistakes or effects. They made me who I was. I couldn’t change them, but I could build on them in positive ways. I have always loved movement and music. You put the two together and it’s my little piece of heaven. I call it my mat time; my “me” time. I had found my Mind Body connection. I was free.